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Dick Woodward

Jack McDowell

Dave Fogarty, Project Director

Ted Green, Project Director

Karen Kapler, Project Director

Rochelle Lewis, Project Director

Anita Mangels, Project Director

Renee Rose, Support Staff

Jackie Steinman, Creative Director

Rebecca Travis, Support Staff

W&M Team

Best known for her dogged determination, ANITA MANGELS had her own management consulting practice, then worked as a vice president at a multi-million dollar development firm prior to entering the campaign and public affairs realm. But she quickly established a winning track record in national elective politics and state and local ballot initiatives, and joined up with W&M in 1994. Responsible for the firm’s Orange County office, Anita’s specialties include crisis management, political strategy, grassroots advocacy, communications and debate. She deploys her wide-ranging expertise in many W&M election and public affairs efforts and has a reputation for being extremely effective and hard driving. She is especially tuned in to the state’s business and taxpayer communities. In addition to what she laughingly refers to as her “real job” with W&M, Anita is passionate in her commitment to community service, and dedicates countless hours as a boardmember or rank-and-file volunteer for a number of non-profit organizations, especially in her hometown of Laguna Beach.

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